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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
  • First Balloon World Cup takes place in Spain, Balloon World Cup, Balloon World Cup viral video, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    sony max app,The event was organised by Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique and Spanish internet celebrity Ibai Llanos at an amusement park in Tarragona.

  • 84-year-old ex-pilot Parkinson's disease flies last flight viral video, trending, pilot flying Parkinson's disease, pilot with Parkinson's disease viral video, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    dafa exchange,Gage’s wish to fly soon became a reality after her son contacted a pilot, who agreed to take her over Lake Winnipesaukee and Mount Kearsarge

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  • Canada Newfoundland couple dream home using boats, couple use boats to move house, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    bets online,The two decided to go ahead with the plan despite the risk involved. “…if it’s meant to be over there, it’s meant to be,” the woman told a news website.

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    A snakecatcher removed 22 adult rattlesnakes and 59 babies when he first visited the home in the Mayacamas Mountains. He returned twice later to rescue 11 more snakes. ,sony max app

  • squid game, netflix squid game, squid game memes, squid game spoofs, The Ikorodu Bois, squid game Ikorodu Bois, viral videos, indian express

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    free online poker games,From using a huge cauldron pot to imitate the huge ball containing the cash prize to simply pasting bags of chips to recreate the tiger VIP mask, their innovative solution has amused people across social media platforms.

  • elon musk, dogecoin, elon musk richest man, elon musk mars explorations, elon musk mars life, science news, viral news, indian express

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    open livescore,Several netizens wondered why such extensive funds were not being used to resolve problems on Earth

  • Squid Game, Squid Game ending, Squid Game netflix, Squid Game show, Squid Game end, Squid Game story, what happened in Squid Game last episode, Squid Game villain, Squid Game player 001, Squid Game cast, Squid Game news, Squid Game poppularity, Squid Game success

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    Garnering over 30 million views, the viral clip features actor HoYeon Jung, Heo Sung-tae, Kim Joo-ryeong, Anupam Tripathi among others who try out the candy challenge.,five card draw poker

  • dog gets caught stealing food viral video, adorable dog videos, dog cat trending videos, dog caught stealing food, indian express, indian express news

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    free american roulette flash game,Since being shared online, the undated clip has been widely circulated on several social media platforms with many left amused by the canine’s apparent guilt after being caught.

  • jeff bezos cuts off William Shatner viral video, blue origin, blue origin space flight captain kirk viral video, star trek, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    Many watching the landing of Shatner’s historic space flight noticed the awkward moment shared between the actor and Bezos and were quick to comment on it.,croatia map

  • Meteorite Crashed Through Roof, Landed woman's Bed, Meteorite crahes on woman's bed, space crash, canada Meteorite, Meteorite shower, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    us open odds,The charcoal grey-coloured rock was reportedly the size of a melon and had fallen from space, crashing into Hamilton’s roof and falling on her bed, inches away from her.

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  • brazil man survived armed robbery phone with hulk cover, the hulk, phone with the HULK cover viral, twitter reactions, indian express, indian express news

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    best free roulette game,The man was saved by a mobile phone that had a Hulk-themed cover.

  • Bull Elk With A Tyre Around Its Neck rescused, Colorado bull rescued, Colorado bull with tyre around neck rescused viral video, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    “We would have preferred to cut the tyre and leave the antlers for his rutting activity, but the situation was dynamic and we had to just get the tyre off in any way possible,” the official said. ,365 live match

  • tiger used in gender reveal party viral video, Dubai couple tiger gender reveal party trending, indian express, indian express news


    Garnering over 3 lakh views, the viral clip has been flooded with netizens calling out the couple for using a tiger for the event.,tennis us ivry

  • Squid Game, Squid Game show, Netflix, K-Drama, Express Explained, Explained Culture, Hwang Dong-hyuk, Korean dramas, Ted Sarandos

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    open livescore,The event, which will take place in KCC’s office in Abu Dhabi, will involve children’s games that are played in the series but without violence.

  • amazon ceo Jeff Bezos newspaper clipping predicting fall of amazon, elon musk responds, Jeff Bezos worth, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    Jeff Bezos’ tweet also received a response from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who poked fun at the Amazon founder and replied with a silver medal emoji.,volleyball qld

  • Squid Game, Squid Game show, Netflix, K-Drama, Hwang Dong-hyuk, Korean dramas, Ted Sarandos, indian express, indian express news

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    The clip was originally shared on Instagram by 3D artist Gaspar and digital creator Benja Marambio.,poker set

  • album trend, twitter drop a picture trend, twitter social media trend, drop picture, album, throwback picture, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    j choinski,Many, including American actor Mark Hamill, have tweeted a throwback picture along with the caption, “Post a pic of you that looks like an album cover.”

  • toddler singing in hospital, toddler sings when admitted in hospital, toddler admitted in hospital sings, indian express, indian express news, trending, trending news

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    The boy, identified as Miguel, was admitted to a hospital in Brazil for treatment of gastroenteritis. ,haller rabona

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  • Syrian artist soil painting, Syrian artist Julia Saeed viral video, Syrian artist Julia Saeed paintings, trending, indian express, indian express news

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    free slots with bonus and free spins,Julia Saeed now visits various parks to collect different types of soil and even organises workshops to teach soil painting to children.

  • father son reunited, father son reunited after 11 years, father serving 11 years prison reunited with son, indian express, indian express news, trending, trending news

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    free texas holdem poker,The video shows Johnny Jasmin turning up at a restaurant after 11 years in prison to surprise his son who is taken aback and struggles to contain his emotions

  • NASA captures galaxies dancing, galaxies dancing, NGC 5953 and NGC 5954, Arp 19 dancing, hubble captures galaxies dancing, indian express, indian express news, trending, trending news

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    NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured a once in a lifetime delicate dance of two spiral galaxies. ,best free roulette game

  • florida wheeelchair kid touchdown, disabled child touch down, disabled kid extra player school football league, viral news, good news, indian express

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    federer live score,James Edwards, a wheelchair-bound third-grade student, was seen playing flag football for one of the teams of the Parkland Flag Football league.

  • neighbours donate slowglobes, neighbours donate slowglobes Thornton Colorado, neighbours donate snowglobes to girl with williams syndrome, indian express, indian express news, trending, trending news

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    Janae, 15, who has a rare genetic condition known as Williams Syndrome, loved to collect snow globes but her entire collection got shattered in an accident.,nfl fixtures

  • pinwheel memorial in Brazil, memorial in Brazil, memorial in Sao Pauolo Brazil, covid 19, covid pandemic brazil, viral news, indian express

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    betfair casino payment,A memorial has sprung up in Brazil’s Sao Paulo to say final goodbye to the people who lost their lives during Covid-19 pandemic.

  • firefighters called to rescue mannequin, woman spotted on cliff turns out to be doll, santa Barbara fire dept mannequin rescue call, odd news, indian express

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    baseball font,Although the efforts may seem unnecessary, the fire department said it’s better to call than ignore.

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